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You deserve to look good during pregnancy. Don't you?

July 6, 2017


The news that you are pregnant with your first baby is usually the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you in your life! When you have calmed down a bit, your mind is filled with questions of what you need to buy. This guide is for you: the pregnant mum to be. After all, you are carrying the most precious thing in the world. You deserve to look good. Don't you?

Buy your maternity wear whenever you grow out of your normal clothes. That can be anywhere between 6 weeks to 26 weeks pregnant. Well designed maternity clothes fit you from the earliest weeks right through to the end because it stretches and grows with you throughout your pregnancy to make the most of your growing bump. Always bear in mind that the earlier you buy your maternity clothing, the more wear you will get out of it. It is better to buy it early and start wearing it, than put it off and ruin your normal clothes by stretching them out of shape

Choose your usual pre-pregnancy size in everything that you buy. Good maternity wear has been developed over many years and tested to fit in all the areas where you grow during your pregnancy ie. bump, bust, hips, back and thighs. Do not buy the next size unless you are putting on a lot of weight. 

Don't just buy a bigger size. You are 10 weeks pregnant - it's far too early to be buying maternity wear isn't it? Let's just buy a bigger size for the next few weeks. It's a false economy. You can go through six different sizes during your pregnancy just to fit things around your belly and boobs - you will spend six times more money. And the clothes don't fit your shoulders, arms, hips or legs. They make you look bigger everywhere when you aren't; you are pregnant.

You will have found shops that offer maternity wear at an incredibly cheap price. You probably think that it is worth it because you are going to wear these items for such a short time. But during your pregnancy you will buy fewer items and wear them a lot more. Cheap items will fall apart, stretch out of shape and no longer fit you at the end of your pregnancy. I have done this myself; I bought items from a couple of high street shops and grew out of them at 6 months. I was not happy about having to go out again and buy new clothes to last for the last 3 months.


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