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The idea of Boob was born in Sweden on a cold and windy autumn day in 1999, when Mia Seipel watched her sister breastfeed her newborn son with the north wind sweeping around her bare waist. There and then, she realised that mothers, like all super heroes, deserve the right gear.

The result was Boob’s patented nursing collection, which has become a favourite among mothers all over the world. Now they make clothes for all stages of motherhood, with double function for pregnancy and nursing.


When you buy a garment from Boob, you buy a product that has been produced with care. Some of this you can see and feel for yourself, when you wear their clothes. What may be less obvious is the care they show for everything involved in the production; the people and the environment. Boob make clothes for the future.

When you feel that you no longer have use for your Boob garment, pass it on to a friend, sell it second hand, or give it to a charity. Their clothes are made to be used, washed and loved, over and over again.